Square Billets Continuous Casting Machine/ Conticaster

Square Billets Continuous Casting Machine/ Conticaster

This square billets continuous casting machine is primarily used to cast low alloy steel and S & P steel with the hourly steel tapping output up to 28t to 35t. And its radius is 6m. This product has two sets of withdrawal and straightening equipment which deal with 2 strands of billets simultaneously in the course of casting. Additionally, the size of the billet is 130mm×130mm and the set length is 6m.

The square billets continuous casting machine is fabricated with high quality components. Such as, the inverter and PLC are imported from the Siemens and the contactor from the Schneider. Furthermore, the vibration, sizing, withdrawal and straightening operation, and the releasing and withdrawal of the dummy bar are all controlled by the PLC. And hydraulic automatic cutting method is adopted here. The dummy bar is a rigid type, and the ladle is supported by a mounting bracket.

Supply List of On-line Equipment of Square Billets Continuous Casting Machine
No. Item Data Quantity
1 Ladle Mounting Bracket 50T 1
2 Tundish Car 2
3 Tundish 4
4 Crystallizer 130 m3 2
5 Crystallizer Cover 2
6 Operating Car 2
7 Vibration Device 2
8 Secondary Cooling Spray Rack(Stainless Steel) 2
9 Secondary Cooling Billet Guiding Section 2
10 Secondary Cooling Steam Discharging System 1
11 Withdrawal and Straightening Machine 2
12 Dummy Bar 2
13 Storage Device of Dummy Bar 2
14 Roller Bed Before Cutting 2
15 Conveyor Roller 2
16 Billet Roller 2
17 Horizontal Pusher 2
18 Cooling Bed 2
19 Overflow Tank 4
20 Hydraulic Station System 1
21 Cooling Water Distribution System 2
22 EIC System 2
A Power cabinet 1
B Frequency Conversion Cabinet 2
C PLC Cabinet 1
D Main Console 1
23 Automatic Flame Cutting Machine 2
24 Secondary Cooling Nozzle 120
25 Complementary Material(Tube, Cable ) 1
26 Operation Platform and Dummy Bar Storage Platform 1
27 Total

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