Electroslag Remelting Furnace

Electroslag Remelting Furnace

Electroslag remelting furnace is a special kind of smelting equipment used to melt consumable electrodes in the slag pool by using the heat generated by the remelting current. The metal droplet is then crystallized into ESR ingot in the water-cooled crystallizer after being cleansed with the slag liquid. Thereby, the operation of the electroslag remelting furnaces can be basically concluded heating, refining, and crystallization. Since the slag liquid has excellent purifying capability and favorable crystallization conditions, the electroslag remelting metal is endowed with outstanding purity and uniform and delicate cast structure, free of white spots and ring-like segregations. Furthermore, it also features low sulfur content, wee and dispersing slag inclusion as well as fine properties.

Based on the above advantages, the electroslag remelting furnace has played a dominant role in production of large or medium-sized forgings and roughcasts. It also boasts of overwhelming superiority over its competitors in respect of manufacturing the high-quality tool and die steel, maraging steel, duplex steel billet as well as the cold rolling electroslag steel. It has envolved into an essential for the production of special steel equipment.

Specifications of Electroslag Remelting Furnace
No. Item Data Quantity
1 Column Assembly 450×450×6500 2
2 Rotary Arm Assembly 2
3 Cross-arm Assembly 1250×900×600 2
4 Gripper Assembly(Open Type) Ø190 2
5 Ingot Car Assembly 1
6 Ingot car X / Y Movement Mechanism 2
7 Ball Screw Assembly G100, 20, 4500 2
8 Reducer and Accessories 4
9 AC Motor and Accessories 4
10 Transformer of electro-slag Furnace 1600KVA 1
11 Current Transformer 25000:5 1
12 Linear Motor 800kg (thrust) 4
13 Water-cooled Cables and Accessories 6
14 Copper Bars, Flexible Coupling, Short Network and Accessories 2
15 Low-voltage Cabinet 1
16 Operation Platform 1
17 Water-cooling System 1
18 Manifold 1
19 Return Water Tank 1
20 Bottom Water Tank 1

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