Resistance Electric Arc Furnace (Submerged Arc Furnace)

Resistance Electric Arc Furnace (Submerged Arc Furnace)

The resistance electric arc furnace is a kind of fixed semi-enclosed low-hood type submerged arc furnace. Powered with 3 single-phase transformers with the total capacity of16.5MVA, this product can continuously work in a long period with the overloading capacity of 20%.

Main Technical Parameters of Resistance Electric Arc Furnace
No. Item Unit Data Remark
1 Diameter of Furnace Shell Mm 10000
2 Height of Furnace Shell Mm 5500
3 Diameter of Hearth mm 6900
4 Hearth Depth mm 3000
5 Electrode Diameter/ Electrode Quantity Mm/ Set 1200/3
6 Diameter of Electrode Circle mm 3200 Adjustable ±150
7 Working Stroke of Electrode mm 1200
8 Repair Stroke of Electrode 1500
9 Transformer MVA/ Set 5.5/3
10 Working Power/ Power Factor MW/ 14.4/0.87
11 Primary Voltage/ Frequency KV/Hz 10/50
12 Secondary Voltage V 130 ~204
13 Furnace Lining Magnesium

Configuration of the Resistance Electric Arc Furnace
1. Electrode holder

The advantage of applying the electrode holder lies in that the electrode can be pressed and released with charge. And the welded copper tile can be used in more than 3 years.

2. Electrode Hoisting Device
The electrode is hoisted by the hydraulic hanging cylinder with the maximum stroke up to 1,500mm.

3. Electrode Slipping Apparatus
This device is made up of the hydraulic dual brake valve, and pressed by the butterfly spring and released by the hydraulic system. The pressure-relief of the electrode can be done by procedures or by hand.

4. Low Hoods and Smoke Extraction System
The low hood is designed with 3 entrance doors and 3 wickets, and 2 export pipes which are connected with the de-dusting system.

5. Furnace Charging System
The charging system contains 12 charging pipes which can be controlled by the hydraulic valves. And parts under the short network are made of the non-magnetic stainless steel. And the short network is of tubular water-cooling type and the flexible parts are composed of water-cooling cables.

6. Water-cooling System
The submerged arc furnace is cooled by circulation with the softened water and the cooling water outflow temperature is less than 55 ℃.

7. Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is reliable and without any leakage, since the water glycol is taken as the hydraulic medium and all the hydraulic components are introduced from well-known manufactures.

8. Others
The submerged arc furnace is also fitted with the tapping machine and closing machine, high- and low-voltage system as well as stokehole operation control room.

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