Ladle Refining Furnace

Ladle refining furnace is used for refining the molten steel smelted by the electric arc furnace, open hearth and converter, meeting specific requirements of the continuous casting and rolling. By far, it has been extensively employed in industrial, steel, metallurgy as well as other sectors. And such application can accelerate the production and improve the whole production efficiency of metallurgical production.

Main Functions
1. The ladle refining furnace can well regulate the temperature of the molten steel. By means of the electric arc heating, the molten steel obtains new heat energy. This can not only add and adjust the composition of the alloy but also replenish the slag, thus bringing convenience for deep desulfurization and de-oxidation of molten steel. And the open pouring temperature of the molten steel required by the continuous casting is highly guaranteed, which is beneficial for the improvement of the slab quality.
2. The ladle refining furnace can stir the molten steel with the argon gas entering into the molten steel through the air brick installed at the bottom of the ladle.
3. This series of the ladle refining furnace also possesses vacuum degassing function. After being suspended inside the vacuum container, the ladle is degassed with the steam jet vacuum pump and meanwhile the argon gas is blown from the bottom of the ladle to stir the molten steel. In this way, the hydrogen and the nitrogen can be removed out, and at the same time, oxygen and sulfur content is further reduced, thus ultimately achieving high-purity liquid steel and materials of superior performance.

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