20 Ton Ladle Refinery Furnace

20 Ton Ladle Refinery Furnace

Technical Parameters of 20 Ton Ladle Refinery Furnace
1. Rated Capacity of 20 Ton Ladle Refinery Furnace: 20t
Maximum Capacity: 25t

2. Electrode Lifting Device
Electrode Diameter (Domestic High-power Electrode): Ф300mm
Electrode Pitch Circle Diameter: Ф560mm
Maximum Stroke: 1800mm
Lifting Speed: 4.5/3m/min (Automatic), 5.0/4.5m/min (Manual)

3. Transformer
Rated Capacity: 4000KVA (the overcapacity of 20% is permitted for a long term
Primary Voltage: 35KV
Secondary Voltage: 195-180-165-150
(Voltage can be adjusted in a no-load power-driven way. )
Secondary Rated Current: 12830.4A
Cooling Method: Oil-water Cooler
Outlet Method: Top Outlet

4. Furnace Lid and Its Lifting Unit
Lifting Height: 350mm
Lifting Method: Hydraulic Cylinder-Leaf Chains
Furnace Lid: Water-cooled

5. Cooling Water
Cooling Water Consumption: 90m3/h
Water Inflow Temperature: ≤32℃
Temperature Rise: ≤18℃
Water Supply Pressure: ≥0.3Mpa
Water Quality: Industrial Water
PH: 7-8.5
Total Hardness: < 10dH

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