Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

The vacuum hot press furnace is a kind of furnace working in cycles. It is composed of a vertical furnace body, furnace frame (portal frame), heating elements and insulating layers, hydraulic system, vacuum system and control system. And the furnace body has a vertical structure with a side door, bringing convenient for feeding and discharging materials. Due to the compact construction, the furnace body takes up small floor space.

This vacuum hot press furnace is an ideal choice for hot press of hard alloys, functional ceramics and powder metallurgy under high temperature and vacuum. And it can also used for sintering of the above materials with the protective atmospheres.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Hot Press Furnace
1. Rated Power: 50 Kw (Tentative)
2. Highest Temperature: 1600℃
3. Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 2 ℃
4. Size of Effective Working Area: Ø 300×200 mm (D×H)
5. Ultimate Vacuum Level in the Cold State: 5×10-3 Pa
6. Pressure Rise Rate: ≤ 3.0 Pa/h
7. Diameter of the Pressure Head: Ø 180 mm
8. Highest Pressure: 100t
9. The Range of the Press Machine: 4~100t
10. Diameter of the Oil Cylinder: Ø 220 mm
11. Greatest Stroke: 200 mm
12. Oil Cylinder: 120 mm
13. Maximum Displacement: 100 mm
14. Displacement Accuracy: 0.02 mm
15. Protective Gas: N2, Ar
16. Pressurized System: Manually or Automatically

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