Vacuum Carbon Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Carbon Sintering Furnace

The vacuum carbon sintering furnace is a kind of vertical vacuum resistance furnace using the graphite rod as the heating element. Its furnace body and the control cabinet are integrated together. And the materials are loaded from the furnace bottom which is pneumatically lifted ups and downs. This product is used to sinter metallic compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds and nanometer materials under vacuum or protective atmospheres.

Specifications of Vacuum Carbon Sintering Furnace
1. Rated Power: 18KW
2. Power Supply Voltage: 380V
3. Heater Voltage: 0-34V
4. The Highest Temperature: 2200℃
5. Size of Workspace: Φ80×100(mm)
6. Ultimate Vacuum: 6.67×10-3Pa
7. The Maximum Inflation Pressure: 0.03MPa
8. Lifting Method of the Furnace Bottom: Pneumatic Method( the Gas Source is not available)

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