Induction Heating Equipment

The induction heating equipment can be used to heat the metal materials prior to being forged, extruded, hot rolled and cut. It is also applicable to quench, temper and anneal the entire metal materials. In accordance with their different geometrical shapes and requirements for the heating technique, the workpieces made of different materials can be heated by this product using the medium frequency ranging from 500 to 10,000Hz.

1. The heat is generated inside its workpieces of the induction heating equipment, based on the heating principle of the electromagnetic induction. Such heating mode features fast temperature rise, rare oxidation, higher heating efficiency and excellent process repeatability.
2. This equipment can realize the overall automatic operation, assisted by the automatic feeding and discharge sorting devices together with the dedicated control software.
3. By using this induction heating equipment, metal materials can be uniformly heated and the temperature differences between the core tables are very small. And the high temperature control accuracy is also ensured with the temperature control system.
4. Furnace bodies can be supplied in various specifications in line with the sizes of different workpieces. And each of these furnace bodies is designed with quick-change connectors for the water and electric devices, making the furnace easy and fast to change.
5. The induction heating equipment features higher heating efficiency, lower power consumption and environmetal protection in comparison with other heating methods. And it consumes electricity lower than 380 degrees in heating the metal materials from ambient temperature to the 1250℃, while other indicators are all in compliance with the relevant standards.

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