Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment

Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment

Configuration of the Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment
1. KGPS-100KW Medium Frequency Power Supply: 1 Set
2. GR-500KVA Medium Frequency Transformer: 1 Set
3. Induction Heating Coil: 1 Set
4. Working Platform for the Medium Frequency Transformer with the Positioning Tooling for the Partial Heating of the Steel Bar): 1 Set
5. Water-Cooled Cables: 2

Main Parameters of the Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment
1. Material Adopted by the Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment: CK45#
2. Steel Bar Size: φ32×L 200mm
3. Heating Zone: L-50 (mm)
4. Heating Temperature: 1200℃
5. Heating Speed: 5 Seconds Per Steel Bar
6. Line Voltage: 3-phase, 380V~ 420V
7. Line Current: 180A
8. DC: 200A
9. DC Voltage: 500V
10. Medium Frequency: 2500Hz
11. Medium Frequency Power: 100KW
12. Cooling Water Flow: 8~10t/h PH: 6~8

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