Induction Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Equipment

The induction heating equipment is primarily used for induction heating of the 45# steel bar measuring 60mm (30mm) in diameter and 18,000mm in length. And the heating temperature is 1150℃ and heating speed is 5000Kg/H. The entire set of the equipment is PLC controlled. Workers are only required to lift the steel bars to the working platform. And users can deal with the materials according to your own requirements as soon as such materials come out of the heating furnace.

Configurations of the Induction Heating Equipment
1. KGPS-2100Kw/1Kc (700KW×3)
Medium Frequency Power Supply 1 Set
Size: 4800mm×900mm×2000mm
2. GW-60(30) Induction Heating Bed 1 Set
Size: 9000mm×800mm×1400mm
3. L-18000 Automatic Discharging Bed 1 Set
Automatic Feeding Bed 1 Set
Size: 18000mm×1200mm×1600mm
4. ZG-1000 Central Console 1 Set
Size: 1000mm×60mm×1600mm
5. Infrared Temperature Measurement System 1 Set
6. 27M Variable Frequency Drive System 1 Set
7. Pneumatic Feeding Unit 1 Set
8. PLC 1 Set
9. L-6000 Medium Frequency Water-cooled Cables 6

As a specialized induction heating equipment manufacturer in China, our company also offers cold rolling mill, blowout preventer, vertical hollow shaft motor, electric furnace, among others.

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Other Products
  • Steel Bar Heating Equipment 1. Length of the Steel Bar Heating Equipment: 2,000mm
    2. Center Height of this Product: 1150mm
    3. Size of Steel Bar: φ60×1500mm (D×L)
    4. Weight of Each Steel Bar: 33KG
  • Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment 1. Material Adopted by the Steel Bar Partial Heating Equipment: CK45#
    2. Steel Bar Size: φ32×L 200mm
    3. Heating Zone: L-50 (mm)
    4. Heating Temperature: 1200℃