Vacuum Induction Smelting Furnace

The vacuum induction smelting furnace is a kind of furnace used to smelt metal under vacuum conditions using electromagnetic induction. There are 3 types of this product we can supply here, vacuum induction furnace, semi continuous vacuum furnace as well as vacuum induction smelting furnace.

The hearth of this product is encased by metal housing or quartz glass, so its vacuum degree is up to133× (10-2~10-4) h. And the heating system inside the vacuum induction smelting furnace can be directly heated by either the resistance wire, like tungsten filament, or the high frequency induction with the maximum temperature reaching around 3000℃. Due to such benefits, this product is mainly used for sintering of ceramics, smelting of metal under vacuum condition, degassing and annealing electric vacuum parts as well as the sealing-in of ceramics and metal.

We are a professional vacuum induction smelting furnace manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including small steel mill, steel casting machine, square billets continuous casting machine/ conticaster, and more.

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