Vacuum Induction Smelting Furnace

Vacuum Induction Smelting Furnace

The vacuum induction smelting furnace is mainly composed of a vertical shell, a smelting furnace, a lid and moving device, vacuum system, hydraulic system, as well as electrical control system. This product is one of these furnaces featuring cycle operations. By far, it is a dedicated furnace for smelting or ingot of cooper or cooper alloys under vacuum or protective atmospheres.

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Induction Smelting Furnace
1. Thyristor Inverter Device

Power Supply Voltage: 380V×350Hz
Rated Power: 500KW
Medium Frequency: 2000~2500Hz
Rated Voltage: 750V

2. Vacuum Induction Smelting Furnace
Rated Voltage: 750V
Crucible Effective Volume: 70L
Crucible Effective Capacity: 500kg (Copper Alloy)
Ordinary Working Temperature: 1100-1650℃
Ultimate Vacuum: 6.67×10-1Pa
Pressure Rise Rate: ≤0.050Pa/min
Melting Rate: 500kg/h
Cooling Water Inflow Pressure: ≥2.5×105Pa
Cooling Water Consumption: 40-45m3/h
Cooling Water Inflow Temperature: 5-25℃
Cooling Water Outflow Temperature: ≤45℃
Cooling Water Hardness: 8° PH=6-8 CaO, Content < 90mg/L
Compressed Air Supply Pressure: ≥6.3~8×105Pa
Working Pressure of the Hydraulic System: ≤7.5MPa

3. Vacuum Unit
ZL-800 Oil Booster Pump: 12000l/s×1
ZJPC-1200B Magnetic Drive Roots Pump: 1200l/s×2
H-150G Mechanical Pump: 150l/s×2
2X-70 Mechanical Pump: 70l/s×1

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