Semi Continuous Vacuum Furnace

Semi Continuous Vacuum Furnace

The semi continuous vacuum furnace comprises a shell, a smelter, a lid and its moving device, an ingot mould room, a vacuum system, and an electrical control system. Welded with the CNC automatic welding machine, the shell and vacuum tube have smooth and flat welded joints free of rosin and coarse phenomena. Thereby, the vacuum vessel is well sealed to suit customers' technical requirements. And the helium mass spectrometer vacuum leak detector is utilized for examination of the pressure rise rate indicators of the semi continuous vacuum furnace, supplying fast and convincing statistics. Furthermore, the internal surfaces of both furnace shell and lid are precisely polished with the finish over Δ6. This product has been applied to smelt nickel-based alloys.

Technical Parameters of Semi Continuous Vacuum Furnace
1. Power Capacity: 500 Kw
2. The Highest Temperature: 1800 ℃
3. Medium Frequency Voltage: 500 V
4. Crucible Capacity: 150 Kg(Molten Steel)
5. Ultimate Vacuum Level in Cold State : 4.5×10-2 Pa (After Emptying, drying and degassing the Furnace)
6. Pressure Rise Rate: ≤ 3 Pa/h
7. Air Pressure is Pumped to 10Pa: ≤ 2 min
8. From 10Pa to 4.5×10-2 Pa: ≤ 10 min (Excluding the Warm-up Time of the Booster Pump)
9. Power: 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz
10. Furnace Inflation Pressure: ≤ 0.05 MPa
11. Cooling Water Pressure: 0.25~0.30 MPa
12. Air Pressure (Pneumatic Valve) : 0.60 MPa (Gas Supply Pressure)

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