Casting Parts

The casting parts we supply here includes gray iron castings, ductile iron castings, alloy cast iron, carbon steel castings, low alloy steel castings, etc. All these products are manufactured in our raw castings plant which has 50t ladle refining furnace, 25t EAF, VCF, large forging equipment and heavy duty machine tools. In addition to the casting parts, this plant can also process large or medium-sized machinery parts, such as hull structure steel castings, mechanical cast iron, diesel engine cylinder liner, cylinder head, metallurgical slag pot, anchor, large forgings, etc.

Sternpost, 18,000kg/piece             Rudder Horn, 17,000kg/piece         Bearing Cap, 2,170kg/piece         Bearing Body, 2000kg/piece

As a professional casting parts manufacturer in China, our company also provides medium frequency induction furnace, vertical hollow shaft motor, electric furnace, and more.

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Other Products
  • Aviation Parts The aviation parts we supply here mainly involve the engine parts and aircraft structural parts. To be specific, these parts include disk forgings, receiver, fan blade, aircraft wing rails, frame, beam, landing gear as well as other large forgings...
  • Combustion Turbine Blades The combustion turbine blades are mainly used in power stations. Besides this product, our company can also supply other products for the combustion gas turbines. They are the disk forgings including compressor disk, overall disk and turbine disk, and structural parts including receiver, drums, shafts, and compressor blades and guide vanes, and wrought alloy turbine blades...