Vibrating Screening Machine

Vibrating Screening Machine

Vibrating screening machine is perceived as the state-of the-art screen machine in the world, since it has integrated functions of the horizontal, swinging and rolling screens.
This product can also be specially designed into ultrasonic, spraying, hermetically sealed models.

The vibrating screening machine can realize continuous production and automatic operation with the course and fine powder automatically separated and discharged out. The enclosed construction helps prevent the powder from dispersion. And the screen can be frequently used and its meshes will never be blocked. The screen is easy to change and clean. This vibrating screening machine features small volume, less floor space and easy movement. Compared with other products of this kind, it save a lot of energy and operation costs.

It can be used to screen power and granular materials as well as filter liquid materials for food, metallurgy, mining, chemical, machinery, as well as other industries.

1.Filtering Application
Paper sizing agent, calcium carbonate, amylum, coating, paper pulp, slurry, mucus, etc.

2. Food Industry
Seasoning powder, flour, white sugar, MSG, salt, soy, citric acid, chlorophyll, etc.

3. Metallurgy Industry
Zinc powder, tungsten powder, tungsten powder, copper powder, iron powder, alloy powder, magnetic materials, bonding and sintering of NdFeB, etc.

4. Mining Industry
Welding wire powder, silica flour, calcium carbonate, kaolin, alumina, silicon carbide, refractory, battery materials, etc.

5. Chemical Industry
Dry, power coatings, pearlescent pigments, plastics, paint, fluorescent powder, lithopone, etc.

6. Medical Industry
Granules, pill, bio-chemical drug, health care medicine, etc.

7. Mechanical Industry
Powder metallurgy, electrical alloy, chain stamping

As an experienced vibrating screening machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide resistance electric arc furnace, hot rolling mill, tubular wire, and medium frequency induction furnace, among others.

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