High Voltage Motor

High Voltage Motor

Product Model: YKK (Frame Size: 355-800)

The high voltage motor is one of the latest products of our company which is manufactured in virtue of the advanced manufacturing technology. Made of superior quality materials, this product has the properties of high effectiveness, reliable performance, little vibration and lower energy consumption as well as low noise, light weight and easy installation and maintenance. It can also be completed with wet or dry tropical motors, outdoor motors as well as medium-corrosion resistant motors.

The protection grades of high voltage motor and shell are IP44 and IP54 respectively. The cooling method is IC611, and installation method is IMB3. Furthermore, the protection types and cooling and installation methods can be custom designed in line with customers' specific requirements. The rated voltage is 6,000V and 10,000V, and the rated frequency is 50HZ.

As a China-based high voltage motor manufacturer and supplier, we at Wealso provide copper casting machine, aluminum alloy shell furnace, aviation parts, continuous casting machine, and much more.

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