VHS Motor

VHS Motor

The vertical hollow shaft motor or the VHS motor works with the deep well pump to carry water for agricultural irrigation, industrial usage. Taking into account different customers from different countries, this product can be supplied based on either IEC motors for customers from Southeast Asia and the Middle East regions, or the NEMA motors for those from Europe and North America.

The vertical hollow shaft motor has been extensively used on city water supply, high-rise building fire water supply, steel mill cooling system as well as other fields. Attributed to the premium quality and thoughtful services, our products have been sold to more than 20 countries. And we have established a sound relationship with well-known American companies, such as EMERSON, GE, ITT, WEG, and so on. In addition, as the largest company producing vertical hollow shaft motor, we can offer nearly 6,000 sets per year.

Specifications of Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor (IEC Standard)
No. Model Power    
  HP KW Energy Eff. Class C /Class B Energy Eff. Class B
1 VHS132-1-2 7.5 5.5
2 VHS132-2-2 10 7.5
3 VHS160-1-2 15 11
4 VHS160-2-2 20 15
5 VHS160-1-4 15 11
6 VHS160-2-4 20 15
7 VHS180-1-2 25 18.5
8 VHS180-1-4 25 18.5 Blue
9 VHS180-2-2 30 22
10 VHS180-2-4 30 22
11 VHS200-1-4 40 30
12 VHS200-2-4 50 37
13 VHS200-3-4 60 45
14 VHS250-1-4 75 55 Packing
15 VHS250-2-4 100 75 Closed Plywood
16 VHS250-3-4 125 90
17 VHS280-1-4 150 110
18 VHS280-2-4 175 132
19 VHS280-3-4 200 150
20 VHS280-4-4 250 185
21 VHS280-5-4 270 200  
22 VHS280-6-4 300 225  
24 VHS315-3-4 300 225
23 VHS315-4-4 350 262.5
25 VHS355-1-4 373 280  
26 VHS355-2-4 420 315  
27 VHS355-3-4 473 355  

As an experienced vertical hollow shaft motor manufacturer in China, our company provides a wide range of products, including steel shell electric furnace, copper casting machine, powder mixer, electroslag remelting furnace, and much more.

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