Flat Valve

Flat Valve

The flat valve we supply here is made of those materials whose grades ranging from API 6A AA to FF. And this product meet the PSL1 ~ 3standard and its performance grade is PR1 ~2. The working pressure can be 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 15000 and 20000psi. The rated temperature can be L, P, R, S, T and U of the API Spec 6A. To suit customers' specific needs, we can also customize such flat valve that can operate well under service environments with the highest temperature up to 350 ℃ or 650 ℃. Fire-proof flat valve can also be made in full conformity to the API Spec 6A standard.

1. The flat valve is characterized by the easy construction. Its disc and seat assemblies can be conveniently dismounted. Furthermore, designed with the integral structure, the disc can be used in two directions and in a longer period.
2. The thrust shaft has great loading capacity. Materials are fed with the rubber composite molding valve rod, which greatly minimizes the switching torture.
3. The threaded stem packing gland allows bearings and steam packing to be removed when the stem packing bears pressure. In addition, the bearing is equipped with lubricating nozzle for filling grease on the scene.
4. The flat valve body and bonnet is connected with studs and new locked groove sealing ring, carrying out satisfactory sealing effects. And between the valve body and seat exists a wave springs.
5. Between valve disc and seat is a wave spring. And surfaces of these two parts are both sprayed with special hard alloy, helping them best resist against abrasion and corrosion. They can also be well sealed even under very low pressure.
6. The valve disc floats during whole operation, so the valve will rotate back in 1/4 circle as it reaches the required position.

We are a professional flat valve manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including annular blowout preventer, vertical hollow shaft motor, square billets continuous casting machine/ conticaster, and more.

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