Pneumatic Test Pump

Pneumatic Test Pump

The pneumatic test pump is a new kind of test device developed by our company in line with the working principle of advanced pneumatic test device introduced from foreign countries and current domestic manufacturing situations.

In addition to the small volume, light weight and reliable performance, the pneumatic test pump also comes with adjustable pressure rising speed and output pressure. More importantly, it is explosion-proof as well. Owing to such benefits, this product is especially applicable to test blowout preventers, valves, pipes, connectors, pressure vessels, etc. It can also be used as a test tool for scientific research and inspection departments.

Working Principle
The pneumatic test pump uses the compressed air as the power source and pneumatic pump as the pressure source. And the output hydraulic pressure is required to be in proportion with air source pressure. This means that the hydraulic pressure can be changed as the adjustment of the air source pressure. If these two kinds of pressures are equal to each other, then the pneumatic pump will cease pressurizing, and the hydraulic pressure stays stably at the pre-set pressure level. The pressure rising speed is under the control of the amount of the inlet air.

As a specialized pneumatic test pump manufacturer in China, Wealso offers VHS motor, electric arc furnace, medium frequency induction furnace, continuous casting machine, among others.

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