Brass Melting Equipment

The brass melting equipment that we provide here includes the upward aluminum rod casting line, upward brass rolling mill and upward brass continuous casting machine.

Working Processes of the Brass Melting Equipment
1. The electrolytic copper plate is suspended to the melting furnace to roast.
2. The feeding speed is set according to the upward speed. And the electrolytic copper plate is smelted into the molten copper inside the melting furnace. And the charcoal is employed to insulate the oxygen.
3. The molten copper enters into the transfer chamber of the brass melting equipment. In this procedure, the charcoal is also of great necessity.
4. Then, it flows into the holding furnace.
5. It is crystallized as copper rod in the crystallizer.
6. Then, the copper rod is transferred into the traction device.
7. It comes to the tapping rack, separating rack, tension rack and rewinding machine step by step.
8. The whole set of brass melting equipment enters into next production cycle.

As a specialized brass melting equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide jaw crusher, vertical hollow shaft motor, square billets continuous casting machine/ conticaster, and coreless electric furnace, among others.

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