Upward Brass Continuous Casting Machine

Upward Copper Continuous Casting Machine

Product Number: SYJ1014-I3

The upward copper continuous casting machine is a combination of 2 melting furnaces and 1 holding furnace. And its operation interface features digital display while the servo motor adopts the touch screen display. The coil collecting turntable is passively driven by the copper rod.

Technological Processes
1. The electrolytic copper plate is hoisted to the melting furnace of the upward copper continuous casting machine by the copper hanging mechanism to bake.
2. Then, the electrolytic copper plate is added into the melting furnace via the electric block to transform into molten steel. And the feeding speed is determined based on the upward speed. In this case, the charcoal is used for insulating the oxygen.
3. The molten steel enters into the transfer chamber of the upward copper continuous casting machine, still covered with the charcoal to insulate the oxygen.
4. After that, it flows into the holding furnace and then the crystallizer to convert into the copper rod.
5. The copper rods are hoisted upwards by the AC servo motor, and the driving chain uses the seamless timing belt. Meanwhile, these copper rods are manually clamped. And then they sequentially go into the output rack and dividing rack to keep the rods clear of one another.
6. And these copper rods are shaped into coils inside the cable rewinding machine.
7. The upward copper continuous casting machine enters into another production cycle.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Annual Productivity: 5,000 t
2. Quantity of Casting Rods: 12
3. Diameter of Casting Rods: 14mm
4. Upward Speed: 0~1200mm/min
5. Annual Working Time: 7920 hours
6. Liquid Level Tracking Device: ±2mm
7. Coil Size: φ700mm×φ1500mm×800mm
8. Copper Melting Rate: 650kg/h
9. Power Consumption: <350kwh/ton

Other Requirements
1. Raw Materials
The 99.97% electrolytic copper is chosen as the raw material by the upward copper continuous casting machine. Its surface is required to be clear of electrolyte and oily materials. And its surface and edge should be free of blossom-shaped copper beans. And if the edge or the ear has copper beans, then they have to be cut off. And taking into account the equipment free of mechanical feeding device, the electrolytic copper is cut into small parts for manual feeding.

2. Charcoal
The charcoal is required to be high-quality white charcoal, commonly termed as carbon steel or peat. The charcoal containing sulfur and steel elements or unroasted is unqualified for the upward copper continuous casting application. Its water content ranges from 0.5~1% and the content of other volatile matter is or less than ≤5%. Furthermore, the granularity is from 30 to 70mm. The charcoal fractures are supposed to be bright and white and the breaking sound should be clear and melodious. In the course of continuous casting, each ton of copper consumes 5kg charcoal.

3. Flake Graphite
The natural 3299 or 5099 flake graphite is adopted by the upward copper continuous casting machine. Their granularity are 32 and 50 respectively. And each ton of copper requires 0.5kg flake graphite.

4. Power Supply
Since the upward copper continuous casting machine produces copper coils in a continuous way, electricity is so important that it can not fail to supply power. In order to avoid unexpected occasions, standby generators or dual track power supply has to be prepared. And the capacity of the standby generator is generally over 50% of that of the entire equipment unit.

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