Upward Brass Rolling Mill

Upward Brass Rolling Mill

Product Number: JC400-9D

The upward brass rolling mill is immobilized by the pneumatic mechanism and driven via the flat belt. And the pneumatic swing arm is utilized to adjust the tensile forces. And the drawing of wire is completed in a fully immersed way. Also, both the main machine and the wire-rewinding Machine adopt the frequency control of their motor speeds.

Specifications of Upward Brass Rolling Mill
1. Max. Inlet Wire Diameter: Φ8mm
2. Min. Outlet Wire Diameter: Φ2.6mm/Φ3mm
3.Drawing Pass: 9
4. Drawing Drum Diameter: Φ400mm
5. Diameter of Wire Discharging Drum: Φ800mm
6. Average Elongation of Each Pass: 1.27
7. Elongation Coefficient: 1.22~1.33
8. Max. Mechanical Speed: 600 MPM
9. Main Engine Power: 165KW (1000r/min)
10. Power of Wire-rewinding Machine Motor: 15KW
11. Annealing Power: 4000KA
12. Annealing Round Diameter: Φ400mm

Working Processes of Upward Brass Rolling Mill
1. Rolling heads are pointed by the wire pointing and stringing-up machine.
2. The molds which have been pointed with wires are placed in individual pass in line with the molding sequence.
3. And all the passes are tightened.
4. And the last pass should be drawn out by hand to a certain degree, bringing convenience for stringing on the annealing machine.
5. Wires are threaded to the wire-collecting machine through the tension tower.
6. Then, they are placed into the guide pulley, straightening round, and reverse wheel.
7. Wire rods are twined around the wire storage wheel in 8 circles. If wires can smoothly drop off 3 to 5 circles, then the doors of wire-collecting machine can be closed and turn on the "ON" button, preparing for starting the machine.
8. Finally, these wire rods are collected.

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