Upward Aluminum Rod Casting Line

Upward Aluminum Rod Casting Line

Product Number: SYJAL3295

The upward aluminum rod casting line is a combination of 1 melting furnace and 2 holding furnaces. It is fitted with a digital display interface while its servo motor is controlled through the touch screen. Driven by the servo motor, this product adopts the seamless synchronous cog belt as the driving chain. And the entire electrolytic aluminum is fed by using the electric block in the overall process of casting. The take-up turntable is totally PLC controlled. The take-up is automatically carried out via regulation of the frequency.

Parameters of Upward Aluminum Rod Casting Line
1. Annual Productivity: 3000t
2. Quantity of Casting Rod: 32 pcs
3. Diameter of Casting Rod: 9.5mm
4. Upward Speed: 0~1500mm/min
5. Annual Working Time: 7920 hours
6. Liquid Level Tracking Accuracy: ±2mm
7. Size of Coil: φ700mm×φ1500mm×800mm

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