Gravity Casting Machine

Gravity Casting Machine

The gravity casting machine can be supplied in ZJ650, ZJ750, ZJ860 and ZJ980 models whose maximum template sizes are 600×500mm, 700×500mm, 800×600mm and 960×800mm, respectively.

The gravity casting machine is totally PLC controlled and available in inching, single-circle automatic and fully automatic operation modes. Driven by the hydraulic mechanism, it can works stably and tilt in 90°at adjustable speeds. Furthermore, this machine can be optionally fitted with side or bottom core pullers. Assembled by the imported components, both the electric control and hydraulic mechanisms feature reliable quality and extended service life.

Weis a specialized gravity casting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include flat valve, cold rolling mill, deep well pump, blowout preventer, among others.

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