Shell Mold Casting Machine

Shell Mold Casting Machine

The shell mold casting machine, as the name demonstrates, is used to cast shell molds by adopting the hot-box technique and phenolic sand and coated sand.

Chucked together, both the hot template and resin sand container flap at 180° so as to pour the resin sand onto the hot template. As a shell is formed in a certain thickness, then they rotate back to the original position to drop off residual resin sand from the hot template. The whole casting process can be mechanically finished in an automatic way while asking no assistance of all-round workers. Thus, this shell mold casting machine is ideally suitable for producing medium or small-sized metal castings in batches, such as sophisticated thin-walled precision iron castings, high-demanding steel castings.

Processed by this shell mold casting machine, shell molds is free of possible casting defects, like sticky sand, deformation, thermal cracking, etc. Meanwhile, they also feature smoother surfaces, more accurate specifications, shorter production cycles, low metal material consumption and operation costs.

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