Green Sand Molding Machine

Green Sand Molding Machine

The green sand molding machine can be provided in horizontally parted, fully automatic and non-box models. Owing to the solid structure, it boasts exceptional durability and is free of vibration nuisance.

This green sand molding machine is fabricated with 2 synchronous molds, accelerating the molding speed to a large extent. In some cases, these two molds can be of different types and alternately work in the whole molding process. And the alternating time can be freely set according to actual requirements. This makes our green sand molding machine ideally suited for simultaneously producing various kinds of castings in a large quantity. In addition, the sand core can be alternatively placed in 2 stations, which virtually exerts impact on the each cycle time. Meanwhile, castings are guaranteed with high-quality surface and highly precise specifications.

Our company is a specialized green sand molding machine manufacturer in China. We also provide double ram blowout preventer, steel casting machine, resistance electric arc furnace, continuous casting machine, and more.

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