Diesel Engine Generating Set

Diesel Engine Generating Set

Product Number: 5000GF3

The diesel engine generating set is composed of 10 sets of diesel engines with the total power reaching 50,000KW. And it is fitted with pipes, valves, wires, cables, etc.

Specifications of Diesel Engine Generating Set
Description Type No. Unit Qty. Remarks
Diesel engine G16V300ZD5 set 10 5000kW ( JAD )
Generator TFW950 set 10 5000Kw, 11kV, 50Hz
Control desk JKT-N set 10
PT cabinet for generator KYN28-12 set 10
Switchgear for generator KYN28-12 set 10
PT cabinet for Bus-bar KYN28-12 set 3
Air bottle pc 10
Air compressor set 10
Anchor bolt set 10
Spares set 10 According to spare list
Tools set 10 According to tool list
Technical document set 10 Drawings, testing data, certificate of acceptance
Cooling assembly pc 10 Fresh water cooler, lube oil cooler, lube oil filter, lube oil pre-pump, etc.
Stainless steel expansion joint DN500 pc 20
Stainless steel expansion joint DN100 pc 30
Rubber expansion pipe DN125 pc 60
Blocking iron set 10
Expansion water tank pc 10
Cooling tower pc 10 glass fiber reinforced plastic
Silencer pc 10
Specifications of HFO Treatment Equipments and Other Auxiliary Equipments
No. Description Type No. Qty. Remarks
1 Auto heavy oil separator KYDB309 10 pcs
2 Lube oil separator KYDR203 10 pcs
3 Fuel supply module KHVU-C Ⅲ -3.0E-C 10 pcs Visco, controller, heavy oil heater, pump, fuel filter, etc.
4 Exhaust gas boiler system 1000kg /h 10 sets Exhaust gas boiler, control system, water supply system, etc.
5 Soft water module 4 sets
6 Auto soft water tank 4 pcs
7 Exhaust 3-way valve 10 pcs
8 HFO unload trans module HUSU-58 58m3 /h 4 pcs
9 DFO unload trans module HUSU-58 58m3 /h 4 sets
10 HFO trans module HUSU-5 5 m 3 /h 4 sets
11 Residual oil trans module HUSU-5 5m 3 /h 4 sets
12 Automatic oil and water separator ZYFM-2 2t/h (Processing Capacity) 4 sets
13 Condensate water retreating equipment 4 sets

As a specialized diesel engine generating set manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including induction heating equipment, electric arc furnace, blowout preventer, hydrau induction furnace, and much more.

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