Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

Product Type: Q38/Q48/Q58

The shot blasting machine is used to blast metal surfaces so as to remove the attachment, like stick sand and scales. Meanwhile, it can also make necessary preparations for the coming casting quality test. This means that the shot blasting technique plays an essential part in discovering defects of the casting surfaces, such as subcutaneous blowhole, slag blowhole, burnt-on sand, cold shut, delaminating, etc. As for the non-ferrous castings, like aluminum alloy and copper alloy, this shot blasting machine can also effectively remove the burr to make the surface good enough for decorative purposes.

This shot blasting machine is ideally suited to blast medium or small-sized work pieces in a large quantity. And the large work pieces can be held with the help of the electric block. Furthermore, these work pieces can work continuously or step by step, assisted with the pendant chains. When in halted state, work pieces can be loaded or unloaded, or blasted at a fixed point. The whole blasting process is controlled by conventional mechanism or PLC System.

Our company is a professional shot blasting machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including annular blowout preventer, induction melting furnace, upward aluminum rod casting line, and dual track induction furnace, among others.

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