Dust Removing Equipment

Dust Removing Equipment

The dust removing equipment serves to separate dust from exhaust gas. In terms of working principles, it can be classified into mechanical, washing, filtering, electrostatic as well as magnetic types.  

The dust removing equipment features exceptional reliability, convenient maintenance and lower operation cost, while exerts no impacts on the smelting work. The exhaust gas is collected in the whole process with the collecting rate up to 98% and the dust removing rate over 99%. Also, the collected dust quantity is more than 12Kg/t, dust concentration at posts inside workshops is lower than 10mg/m3 and fan room noise is lower than 80dB.Therefore, the gas duct is free of dust even in a long term use.

Weis a China-based dust removing equipment manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as medium frequency induction furnace, annular blowout preventer, core shooting machine, and upward copper continuous casting machine.

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