Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

The cooling tower has found a wide range of applications in the cooling systems of equipment in metallurgy and foundry industries, such as medium frequency induction furnace, heating furnace, smelting furnace, ladle refining furnace, etc.

Features of Cooling Tower
1. The softened water is taken as the cooling liquid. Free of air, it can maintain good quality and never scale.
2. The cooling tower doesn't adopt water tank. It can be cleaned inside the tube to maintain the best cooling environment inside the tube.
3. The spraying system is fitted with a water collection device to collect water and vapor, thus saving a lot of water.
4. The cooling tower uses the low-power motors revolving at a very low speed. And such motors are available in 2 types. One type is equipped with straight shafts and the other is a fully-enclosed vertical motor with the feature of gear graduation and dump resistance.
5. This product has a comprehensive range of functions, such as anti-freezing, heating, refrigeration as well as cooling.
6. It is an economical choice with lower operation cost than its competitors.

As a specialized cooling tower manufacturer in China, our company also produces electric arc furnace, continuous casting machine, rolling mill, blowout preventer, and much more.

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