Rolling Mill

The rolling mill is a kind of equipment commonly utilized for rolling of metal to produce structural section, sheet material, tubular product and other products. And the rolling method includes both hot rolling and cold rolling. In the process of rolling, metal blank travels through the gas between a pair of rotating rollers in various shapes. Thus, the sections of such materials are reduced but the length is increased.

Weis a specialized rolling mill manufacturer, based in China. Our products include transformer, vertical hollow shaft motor, square billets continuous casting machine/ conticaster, smelting furnace, among others.

Other Products
  • Transformer The iron core of the transformer we supply here adopts the high-conductivity oriented magnetic silicon steel with a five-grade walking stacked structure to reduce no-load loss and noise. And the magnet wires are the high-quality oxygen-free copper wires. Owing to such special structure, the transformer features excellent resistance against overload and short circuit, thus making itself at the leading domestic...
  • Cooling Tower The softened water is taken as the cooling liquid. Free of air, it can maintain good quality and never scale.
    The cooling tower doesn't adopt water tank. It can be cleaned inside the tube to maintain the best cooling environment inside the tube.
    The spraying system is fitted with a water collection device to collect water and vapor, thus saving a lot of water.
  • Dust Removing Equipment The dust removing equipment features exceptional reliability, convenient maintenance and lower operation cost, while exerts no impacts on the smelting work. The exhaust gas is collected in the whole process with the collecting rate up to 98% and the dust removing rate over 99%. Also, the collected dust quantity is more than 12Kg/t, dust concentration at posts inside workshops is lower ...
  • Furnace Lining Maker Fed with the mixture in just one time, the furnace lining maker rotates upwards from the bottom of the wall. This makes the mixture rammed in an exceptionally uniform way and the furnace tube hard to be skew. And the pneumatic vibrator makes the mixture in an enclosed state, thus foreign matter has no possibility to contact with the mixture. Also, in the ramming process...