Coreless Electric Furnace

Coreless Electric Furnace

The entire coreless electric furnace is composed of 2 furnace bodies with its rated capacity up to 1t, 2 sets of tilting gears, 8 water-cooled cables with the length of 4.5m, 1 medium frequency power supply cabinet, 1 open capacitor bank, 1 low-voltage electricity cabinet, 1 water tank of the furnace, 1 water tank of the capacitor bank, 1 water tank of the power supply and 1 tilting gear control box. And the auxiliary spare parts are 1 KK, 1KP and 1 main control board.

The coreless electric furnace features the medium frequency power supply whose three-phase input voltage is up to 690V, the output voltage is 1250V, rated power is 750KW, and the frequency is 1000HZ. Moreover, the outer diameter of the furnace body is1250mm, diameter is 1160mm, and the height is 1250mm. Also, the diameter of the inductor is 730mm and the height of the pillar is 850mm.

As far as the component configuration is concerned, the thyristor rectifier of the coreless electric furnace uses KP1000A/2200V and the contra-variant adoptsKK1200A/1800V. And both are purchased from domestic well-known manufacturers. Also, in the low-voltage electricity cabinet, there is a universal circuit breaker with the voltage of 1000V and the current of 1600 A. And the total capacity of the electric capacitance arrives at 10,000KV. In addition, using 531-type speed reducer to drive, this product is reliable and convenient to use.

As a specialized coreless electric furnace manufacturer and supplier in China, Wealso provides melting furnace, square billets continuous casting machine/ conticaster, vacuum hot press furnace, among others.

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