Induction Melting Furnace

Induction Melting Furnace

Product Number: GW3/IGBT-2000-0.2-B

Specifications of Induction Melting Furnace
No. Item Data
01 Rated Capacity of Furnace Body (Molten Steel) 3t
02 Rated Power of Medium Frequency Power Supply 2000kW
03 Maximum Output Power(Per Furnace) 1800kW
04 Rated Frequency 200Hz
05 Working Temperature 1600 ℃
06 Melting Rate (excluding the rated time spent in feeding, beneficiating and densifing materials, the third cycle of furnace reloading time as well as auxiliary time.) 3t/h
07 Power Consumption (excluding the rated time spent in feeding, beneficiating and densifing materials, and the third cycle of furnace reloading time as well as auxiliary time.) 600kWh/t
08 Cooling Water Consumption by the Medium Frequency Power 30m3/h
09 Cooling Water Consumption by Each Furnace 60m3/h
10 Size of the Furnace Body 3100 ×2800 ×2850
11 Weight of One Furnace Body 12.5t
12 Size of the Rectifier Cabinet 2000×1200×2600
13 Size of the Inverter Cabinet 3200×1200×2600(2 Sets)
14 Weight of the Power Supply Cabinet 6t
15 Dedicated Oil-immersed Rectifier Transformers ZS-2200-10/0.475, 3-phase/50Hz/2200KVA, Primary Voltage: 10KV, Secondary Voltage: 475V ± 5% △ / YO-11 Wiring, Impedance: 5.8%

1. The induction melting furnace is electricity-saving and friendly to the power grid. The adoption of the series circuit makes the reactive current very small, thus significantly reducing the power consumption. And the power factor of the whole equipment is maintained over 0.95 in the overall process of operation, not requiring any compensation measure.
2. The induction melting furnace has an excellent start-up performance. This means that it can be started up under any circumstances with the success rate nearly up to 100% by the implementation of soft start and soft shutdown systems. In the case of whether startup or shutdown, or protection action of automatic shutdown, this furnace can automatically enter a state of either soft start or soft shut down. Therefore, this induction melting furnace can be started up or shut down under any circumstance of full power, full voltage or frozen furnace, while meantime, the necessary protection is ensured reliable and accurate.
3. It also features high reliability. Being a kind of self-closing device, the IGBT rarely fails inverse transformation and the protections are also temporary. Furthermore, the series inverter circuit completed with the IGBT features much simpler lines than any other method. Also, the IGBT can easily achieve dual track power output, bringing convenience for operators to handle and maintain this induction melting furnace. Managed with the high technology, the IGBT can be semi-permanently used.
4. It is so easy to maintain that general operating electricians can do such work after a systematic training.

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